Gokasanso close to World Heritage Site "the gasshozukuri architecture style."

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Gokayama hot spring "Gokasansou"

Welcome to Gokasansou

There is the Gokayama hot spring "Gokasansou" in a mountain quiet rural scenery. At the Gokasansou, I keep simple hospitality in mind in nature. Space of your relaxation is surely found. I soak in hot water of the mountain village, and, please spend such relaxed time to dissolve the body naturally of Gokayama at Gokasansou. The treasure house of folk song and folktales "Kokirikonosato" that here Gokayama "is Japanese traditional folk song Kokiriko ," but are famous. The Murakamis and exile Rukei Koya who can experience a folktale that I surround the hearth are ranges on foot. There is even world's cultural heritage in the location that it is located just midway, and was suitable for approximately ten minutes and sightseeing by car of famous Gokayama architecture with principal ridgepole village "Suganuma" and "Ainokura".

Good spa and good food

Tradition and culture appeal

What's New

On May 2, the bath is not usable for cleaning.

Usage Guide

Check-in /Check-out

Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 10:00

About a meal

The meal meeting place becomes the first floor dining room "Seiryuu".

About amenity

It is with a yukata (child use for adults), towel pasta Orr, a toothbrush, a shaver
※The staying visitor can always take a bath.

Person with a disability discount

Person with a disability notebook grant of the first grade - third grade becomes discounted by 1,000 yen. ※Please show it in a reception desk.

Event guide

I introduce Gokasansou and neighboring events, an event.

There are currently no events to introduce.

Gokayama Onsen Gokasansou
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