Gokasanso close to World Heritage Site "the gasshozukuri architecture style."

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It is a banquet a dish

Gentle "taste" and "hospitality" of the volost

  • Spring breath, clearness of the clear stream, autumn fertile ...
  • Please enjoy the good luck that nature sends relaxedly seasonally.
  • I make a heart in the taste that I warm up with simplicity to be handed down to the mountain village including a handmade edible wild plant dish and a fresh river fish, and there is and entertain it.
  • I prepare the grand hall to be able to use for various banquets.
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    手作りの山菜料理や新鮮な川魚など 山里に伝わる素朴でぬくもりある味わいで心をつくしておもてなしいたします。

Guidance of the banquet course

椅子御膳I prepare various according to a budget. I accept the banquet in the chair low dining table. In addition, please refer at the time of a reservation if there is hope.

In addition, please make a reservation early because there is a limit in the banquet room.

Staying banquet

List of staying banquet rates (banquet of five people - 19 people)

I accept it with the additional charge every banquet course to the hotel charges (overnight two meals). (it includes one, a service charge the road according to the consumption tax)

Meal Additional charge (dish + serving meals charges)
Sakura(3,000yen)Ten articles 300yen
Ume(4,000yen)11 articles 1,300yen
Take(5,000yen)12 articles 2,300yen
Matsu(6,000yen)12 articles 3,300yen

List of group hotel charges (more than 20 people)

It should be capacity admission about assigning rooms. (it includes one, a service charge a consumption tax, a road according to the bath tax)

Meal OFF season ON season
Banquet nothing 10,000yen 11,000yen
Sakura(3,000yen)Ten articles 10,300yen 11,300yen
Ume(4,000yen)11 articles 11,300yen 12,300yen
Take(5,000yen)12 articles 12,300yen 13,300yen
Matsu(6,000yen)11 articles 13,300yen 14,400yen

Two hours 30 minutes a good at banquet time between from 18:00 to 21:00 (the order is 30 minutes before end in the last)

※Please talk about the start time at the time of a reservation. In addition, there is the case that dish contents, the number of articles turn into by a season.

One-day banquet

I entertain an edible wild plant river fish dish with a dish using the seasonal good luck of Toyama to a base.

  • A place: Basement grand hall "Mansaku", "Momiji", first floor Japanese-style room "Satsuki"
  • Use time: Please talk with lunch at the time of a reservation at night at ※ start time for banquet from 17:30 to 21:00 for banquet from 12:00 to 15:00.
  • Others: 30 minutes ago of the banquet time ... two hours 30 minutes last order ... end

Kaiseki cooking(one, tax-excluded)

Course Dish Price
Ume course 11 articles 5,000yen
Take course 12 articles 6,000yen
Matsu course 12 articles 7,000yen

Buddhist memorial service dish (one, tax-excluded)

Course Dish Price
Hasu course Vegetarian food 5,000yen
Fuji course Diligence mixture low dining table 6,000yen
Shiba course Diligence mixture low dining table 7,000yen

Celebration dish (one, tax-excluded)

Course Dish Price
Tsuru course Celebration low dining table 5,000yen
Kame course Celebration low dining table 6,000yen
Kotobuki course Celebration low dining table 8,000yen
  • Serving meals charges, bathing charges are included in each rate.
  • In addition, I cope to a budget.
  • Table, chair low dining table, both low dining tables are available.
  • I accept a present, the preparations for souvenir.
  • The towel is not attached (I sell it for 150 yen at a stand).
  • Karaoke (3,000 yen tax-excluded )※ reservation required)
  • I accept the order of a fried sea bream (the current price) for celebration dishes.

About an additional dish

Please make a reservation beforehand.

  • Rock fishbone liquor (2 char Motoiri) 2 go 2,300 yen  Speaking of Mt. Goka, I can taste the char which grew in Shogawa water system.
  • Kids' lunch When I am of 1,600 yen child who after all has a small it people, I prepare the kids' lunch becoming basic.
  • It is extreme popularity for an attendant of the structure helping of various kinds of dishes (3-4 portions) 3,000 yen liquor. Even during a story, I eat a lot carelessly!
  • It is reliable tofu not to collapse even if I tie up the tofu of Gokayama tofu guy (two portions) 800 yen Gokayama with a rope and have. Please appreciate it once by all means.

About the use of the meeting room

In this museum, a meeting, the training include a meeting room available.

Division Capacity Use rate within two hours 2-5 hours use rate It is a use rate more than five hours
Meeting room 80 people 5,000 yen (tax-excluded) 7,000 yen (tax-excluded) 10,000 yen (tax-excluded)
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