Gokasanso close to World Heritage Site "the gasshozukuri architecture style."

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Frequently Asked Questions

I settled the question that was sent a lot to Gokasansou. Please refer to it. In addition, please refer about a thing without the publication and the thing that you want to know in detail whatever you want here.

About access

Is there the parking lot?
There are usually parking lots of this museum for 40 by car. The parking lot is available free.
Please tell me about a nearest station and a neighborhood bus stop.
The nearest station of this museum "is JR Johana line Johana Station" . In addition, the nearest bus stop "is an upper pear" (consider). From the upper pear bus stop, it is a 5-minute walk across the Ohira Bridge.
From JR Johana Station of Kaetsuno bus "Shirakawagou Ogimachi line" or the world heritage bus get on (approximately 30 minutes); "upper pear" getting off.
"An upper pear" gets off the Shirakawa volost on Kaetsuno bus "Takaoka Station line" or a world heritage bus in the same way (approximately 40 minutes) in the same way.

About staying

The time for check-in and check-out?
As for the check-in, the - check-out is ... 10:00 at 15:00.

About a hot spring

Is a hot spring a natural hot spring?
This museum uses the hot spring which sprang out of the foot of the Ningyou mountain, but temperature warms it for the source of approximately 33 degrees Celsius. In addition, I filter it from a sanitary point of view and circulate. Because the quantity of water is abundant, adding water does not go.
The use time for large communal bath?
It is available from check-in by night the next day until 9:00 a.m.

About a meal

Is there the additional menu?
I prepare for Mt. Goka tofu guy 2-3 portions (tax-excluded 800 yen) of the firm tofu which does not collapse even if I tie it up and lift it with rock fishbone liquor 2 go (tax-excluded 2,300 yen) and straw. It is available even if I have you order it after a visit.
Will you give an allergic response?
Tell what is not edible at the time of a reservation in detail. I act to want, and to attach it.

About paying

Do you come by the credit card use?
JCB, VISA, MASTER, DC, UC, NICOS, AMEX, 銀聯 are available.
How long does it take cancellation fee?
I receive a cancellation fee for three days on a staying due date.

About Internet environment

Can you connect with Internet?
Because a lobby, a guest room are fully equipped with "Wi-Fi" (wireless LAN) together, please bring an apparatus of the correspondence. I prepare for the PC which you can use free again (I will bring the rental of wireless LAN card because there is not it) in the lobby. Please use it.


Is there the handling of the home delivery?
Yamato Transport is available.
Gokayama Onsen Gokasansou
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