Gokasanso close to World Heritage Site "the gasshozukuri architecture style."

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In Gokayama district and Nanto-shi, various festivals, an event are carried out throughout the year.

In near the Gokasansou, there are an architecture with principal ridgepole village of Shirakawagou, Gokayama of the world heritage,and "Jyouhana Shinmeiguu festival" registered with UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Gokayama Spring Fair

Please thoroughly enjoy a spring evening of Gokayama in an architecture with principal ridgepole house and a folk song lighted up.

Lake Katsura fishing meet

Do you not enjoy a fish and contact Nature in Lake Katsura? I quit what catch a fish alone leisurely in Lake Katsura blessed with Nature and quit what I touch through fishing in parent and child, and what compete with a friend for skill of the fishing is good.

Gokayama Mugiya Festival

The Gokayama Mugiya Festival that a sound on sorrow soaks through a heart.

Kokiriko Festival

Kokiriko Festival flooded with the tune of folk song.

Gokayama Japanese paper Festival

"Gokayama Japanese paper Festival" is held around the village (flat a roadside station) of the Gokayama Japanese paper. Various the display of the national Japanese paper butterfly wedge painting exhibition held at the same time and the experience of the Gokayama Japanese paper, the attraction on the specially installed stage, the entertainment including the special product food corner. Please drop in at autumn Gokayama.

Fantastic Gokayama winter night

Light up the Gokayama architecture

Gokayama Onsen Gokasansou
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