Gokasanso close to World Heritage Site "the gasshozukuri architecture style."

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Bath(Hot spring) Introduction of Gokayama hot spring said to that Hakusandaigongen told お風呂
Dish Introduction of the dish of the Gokasansou pride お料理
Room introduction Japanese-style room, introduction of the room including the Western-style room お部屋
Facilities introduction Hall inside and outside facilities introduction of the Gokasansou 施設紹介
Access The access to Gokasansou. Traffic guidance from prefecture main important area ward and the whole country アクセス
Gallery It is an image gallery of Gokasansou and neighborhood.アクセス
ourist information A guidebook and a festival, the event guidance around the Gokasansou including the world heritage.観光案内
Reservation The reservation of the Gokasansou. Multilingual support. ご予約
FAQs A question and the answer that are sent well. FAQ
Contact The opinion to Gokasansou, hope, the inquiry are this. お問い合わせ
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Gokayama Onsen Gokasansou
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